NoSQL “BigData” Storage Tool (Download | User Manual)
NoSQL data storage tool that could accommodate a large amount of data entries. This NoSQL database (MongoDB) is able to store a big amount of data, offering in the same time data redundancy with replication and load balancing with sharding. Replication can be configured between remote systems thus allowing automated data sharding between project entities. Also this NoSQL database offers high-speed queries and integrated tools for data aggregation.

ACDC HPFeeds Connector (Download | User Manual)
HPFeeds is a protocol used to feed authenticated subscribers with data from honeypots. The honeypots send data to an HPFeeds server that forwards it to the corresponding authenticated HPFeeds clients (subscribers). The AHC uses the client library to connect to and receive messages from HPFeeds channels.

STIX (Concentrator) Platform (Download | For User Manual contact LSEC)
“STIX (Structured Threat Information eXpression) is an XML variant specifically designed for the purpose of structured cyber security threat intelligence modelling and information sharing. It was developed by the MITRE ( corporation, supported by the US Department of Homeland Security. During 2012 – 2013 the language was initially supported by a number of international organizations, intending to do cyber security information sharing. STIX was intended to operate on a HTTP-based transport layer called TAXI. During 2013 and 2014, STIX grew in importance on a global level, with various platforms being created and services being built with the markup language and transport mechanisms, in order to automate and facilitate the sharing of cyber threat intelligence.
The ACDC STIX (Concentrator) Platform evolved from the concept of STIX Platform to a STIX Aggregator Platform, indicating that it is an application that started serving as an aggregator of cyber threat intelligence in the form of STIX messages. The term STIX Demonstrator indicated that this platform was used during the pre-pilot demonstration phase, where a number of technologies were integrated to demonstrate a proof of concept of the project. Finally the term STIX Concentrator is the term used to indicate that the STIX platform collects cyber threat intelligence in STIX format and transmits that into the ACDC CCH; while at the same time it collects data out of the CCH and transmits it into STIX messages to STIX connected partners. The terminology used for the three is to indicate the evolution that this tools has gone through, throughout the lifetime of the ACDC project.

Sinfonier (Download | User Manual)
Sinfonier is a change in the focus in respect to current solutions in the area of processing information in real-time. We combine an easy-to-use interface, modular and adaptable, and we integrate it with an advanced technological solution to allow you to do the necessary tune up suitable for your needs in matters of information security.
Sinfonier is borne out of the cooperation and knowledge, where any work can be re-used and the efforts are done in improving the processing and collection of the new information which is generated.