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I. General

ACDC web pages may be used solely on the basis of the following terms and conditions.
Using Bot-frei web pages indicates acceptance of the validity of the aforementioned terms and
conditions of use. Use of ACDC web pages is at your own risk.

II. Accessing ACDC-Web pages

Due to the nature of the Internet and computer systems, eco accepts no warranty for the
continuous availability of ACDC web pages. In addition, eco reserves the right to cease
operating either partly or completely or providing ACDC web pages at any time without
prior notice.

III. Usage of contents and information provided

All information provided by eco on the ACDC web pages has been researched and compiled
with great care and in all conscience, and adopted unchanged insofar as it originates from
third parties. Particular importance has been attached to providing appropriate and current
information. Errors can nevertheless occur. Each user is themselves responsible for checking
the correctness, completeness and up-to-dateness of the information provided. eco accepts no
liability for the up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness of information. We further
wish to point out that the information on ACDC web pages is of a general nature and not
tailored to specific needs in individual situations.

The liability of eco in cases of the incompleteness, lack of topicality or defectiveness of
information as well as liability for possible consequences arising from possible
misinterpretation of the information provided by the user is limited to cases of gross
negligence and premeditation on the part of eco.

When using ACDC web pages, the user shall in addition ensure that through use and
associated actions they under no circumstances:

  • persons, in particular minors, harm or abuse their personal rights;
  • offend against common decency;
  • Infringe commercial proprietary rights and copyrights or other ownership rights;
  • Transmit content with viruses, so-called Trojans or other programs which can harm
  • Input, store or send hyperlinks or content which the user is not entitled to input,
    store or send, especially if aforesaid hyperlinks or content infringe confidentiality
    obligations or are illegal or contrary to contract or simply false; and/or
  • Distribute advertising or unsolicited emails (so-called spam), or inappropriate
    warnings about viruses, malfunctions and such like or invite others to participate in
    competitions, snowball systems, chain letters, pyramid games and similar actions.

eco accepts no liability for losses incurred by the user as a result of misuse of the
information provided.

IV. Copyrights, Brands and Logos

The content and structure of ACDC web pages and in particular the logos used are
protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all information
published on ACDC web pages (text, picture, graphics, video or animation files) are made
freely available to users free of charge. Each user may use and document the information
provided for their own purposes (download). Any other use or exploitation of the information,
in particular the duplication, modification or integration into publications or web presences
of any kind is permitted only with the prior permission of eco or the respective owner of the

eco wishes to point out that further trade mark rights (in particular brand rights and rights
to bear a name) remain in eco’S possession without exception.

V. Hyperlinks and References to other Websites

ACDC web pages may contain links and/or other references to third party websites

If you use particular links on ACDC web pages you may leave ACDC web pages. eco
undertakes no guarantee for the correctness, precision, reliability or completeness of
information on websites referenced by links and expressly disclaims any liability for errors
or omissions contained or not contained therein, since eco has no influence on the referenced
content and information and does not check the same regularly. A hyperlink to another website
is to be understood merely as an aid and does not imply that eco approves of the website or
the products or services described therein or considers them to be correct.

VI. Placing Links on the ACDC web pages

Links on ACDC web pages, including deeplinks, may only be placed if it infringes no
rights of eco or other companies controlled by eco, in particular copyright or service
protection and commercial designation rights.

VII. Important Notice on Computer Viruses, Trojans and other Threats

Although eco is constantly at pains to keep ACDC web pages free of hazards, eco can
undertake no guarantee or warranty that ACDC web pages are in fact free of threats. For
their own safety and also to prevent the introduction of viruses and other threats to ACDC
web pages, the user shall ensure adequate safety measures are in place, in particular the use
of appropriate virus scanners, before downloading information, software and

VIII. Data Protection

eco complies with the applicable data protection regulations during the acquisition, use
and processing of ACDC web page users’ personal data as well as the eco data protection
regulations which can be accessed via hyperlinks on the ACDC web pages and/or at

IX. Final Provisions

eco reserves the right to modify or update these conditions of use and other information
contained in ACDC web pages at any time without prior notice. This also applies to
improvements or modifications to the products, services or initiatives described on this

Supplementary agreements must be put in writing. The place of jurisdiction is Cologne if the
user is a merchant in terms of the German Commercial Code.

German law applies with the exclusion of UN purchasing law.

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